Monday, February 4, 2013

Simple to Ornate: 2

Hey All, 
Am back, after a forced absence. Thanx to my internet connection. In the beginning I was really mad at the situation. Later though I enjoyed this sans internet time to the fullest. I have restyled plenty of clothes. Cut, sewed, pasted, colored and decorated to my hearts content. 
The only upsetting thing was the realization that life without The Internet is difficult. Not impossible but really difficult and terribly annoying if thats the medium how you connect and communicate with people. 
Anyway this post is about one of my creations during my virtual absence.

I had bought a plum color Rang Manch kurta 2.5 years back. I usually buy plain and simple kurtas and kurtis. So that I can redesign and restyle them later. This Rang Manch kurta was way to simple. So it sat in my ward robe for over a year. It came out before Diwali 2012 for its first make over. Yeah.. I restyled it twice. 

Trust me I had the before pictures. Am some how unable to find them. Well the picture below is of how the kurta looked after its first makeover.. Like I have mentioned above, initially the kurta was plain. In this snap you can see that I have added sequins. 

After sequins I added fabric colors. Now the kurta looks like this... 

After working on the front of the kurta I attacked its back. I like patterns and designs at the back of the outfit too...

I love AZTEC print...

The kurta has a stand collar so there is no point in wearing neck pieces... Wearing lovely jumbo jhumkas are the best way to glam your stand collar kurtas. 


  1. Lovely!! Did u sew all that urself??!!

    1. Thanx Shreeja... And yes all the sequin and painting work is done by me : )

  2. Lady Shivali,
    I bow down b4 u..!n i wish u bless that some of ur creativity rubs on me too.
    U wont much i missed u..!
    This post is mindblowing..only u cud have done this. n the last pic is a stunner..ur hubby is one lucky guy.


    1. Aditi darling, how do you come up with such colorful and lovely words? Your compliments make me go gaga...

  3. it was nice before but after your DIY it is just stunning! Great job with those fabric colours. Wonderful outfit all together. I really like the earrings.

  4. The paintings so pretty and intricate!You're really talented...perfect indian outfit!

  5. In love with that jhumka..

  6. Gorgeous suit and earrings and beautiful you: the perfect combo...

    <3 from:

  7. Simply beautiful! I am awed by your talent. Keep it up!


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