Thursday, September 27, 2012



At the onset of monsoon this year I had been to Pathershet with Sachin and my maternal family. Firstly, the monsoon this year in Pune at least stayed at the onset stage only. And secondly, I know am quite late for coming up with this post. Won't apologize because I post something on the blog only when I feel like writing about it. I can't be routine and regime oriented like the other bloggers. No offense meant. Each to its own.
Anyways Pathershet is a nice picnic spot which is in Mulshi taluka, Pune. You have to pass Lavasa, and then a not so good road takes you to Pathershet. We had booked our accomodations at ECO-VILLAGE HOLIDAY RESORT check this link for all the info. I think thats the only one out there not sure. People who love to stay in mother nature's arms or lap whatever they call it THIS is the place for you. Eco-village Resort is located at the foothills of Sahyadri Ranges and along the riverbank. My cousin had heard about this place from her in-laws who visit this place frequently.

My experience:


We had started early for this trip. Not being a morning person and the dirty curvy turns of Lavasa had made me very irritated and motion-sickened by the time we reached the resort. But the moment we parked our cars, mother nature with her enchanting beauty got me fresh as a daisy.
Be careful once you enter Pathershet because you might miss the sudden turn which leads down to the resort. After taking this sudden turn you have to park your car and then walk down to reach the resort. Its actually like climbing down a small hill. So a piece of advice, please pack sensibly. Carrying heavy luggage to and fro ain't an easy job there. Heels and fancy shoes are a complete no no. Also if it rains or even drizzles, a thick layer of red soil of the Sahyadri sticks to the soles of shoes and doesn't come off easily.


Resort is nothing but 1 kitchen, two constructed rooms, 2 restrooms and few shacks scattered here and there. One side of this resort sees the mountains and the other sees the river bed. When we arrived the river bed was completely dry. But it rained like crazy in the afternoon and all through the night. And in the morning some water was accumulated. We visited the river bed and played box cricket there. Never  knew rivers runs so deep. The soil over here is very fertile. These guys even provide saplings if you want. We got the Mogra saplings.



Food served here is simply AWESOME. Very simple yet very tasty. You need to mention your preferences regarding vegetarian/non-vegetarian meals while booking for the accommodations. They also provide yummy snacks and delicious tea when asked for.


 At night tents are provided. These tents are erected at the place of our choice. Alas, we weren't lucky to have that option. We had to erect our tents within the shacks due to heavy rains. The winds were blowing like crazy but it felt good. Another tiny advice, please do carry ODOMOS cream or spray along with you. Insects go frenzy when the lanterns are lit in the evening. My nephews and nieces had a gala time running and yelling whenever the huge moths and strange dirty looking insects flew past us. Having dinner peacefully was actually a challenge. Night was an amazing scene because all the trees were full of fireflies.That reminds me I haven't heard OWL CITY'S FIREFLIES song from a long time. Its one of my favorite songs, lifts me up when I am down...


Early morning the manager arranges a nature trail. Where in he shows us different species of plants and animals. The manager has his own collection of rare plants, insects and animals. He has loads of information and readily imparts his knowledge. He is fluent in Marathi, Hindi and English. So communication is not at all an issue.


Nearby mountains are a treat for trekkers. Some hills are good enough for children to trek on.
On and all this place is good for over night stay. A great forest and trekking experience. Having the river bed so near is an added feature. I would recommend trips before and during monsoon. It will be great to experience both views of the river bed.



If I have to rate this place then its 5/5.

Must haves on the trip:

  • Camera
  • Jackets, rain cheaters umbrellas aren't much help, long night pants for protecting your legs from insects and cold and shorts for the day they are better while trekking and also they come home mud free, right
  • Odomos and first aid kit.
  • Do go for the nature trail.
  • Do try the fresh water fish.
  • Boat ride if you visit during/after monsoon.
  • There are many fruit trees around especially Mango and Cranberry, do try the cranberries they are yum.
  • Please carry your junk food and beverages because there are no general stores nearby.


If you are scared of lizards, chameleons, snakes, huge insects and if you are cleanliness freak and you don't enjoy sleeping in middle of a forest then this place will drive you nuts. Bleh... I survived and enjoyed so am sure you will too... 

Monday, September 24, 2012


This is my second year in Pune. Last year this time I was struggling with getting my furniture and home in place. So the Ganpati celebrations had taken a back seat. But this year I and hubby dear (Sachin) thought of celebrating the festival in our own small way. No, we didnt have Ganpati idol at our home. We dont believe in the Visarjan part of the Ganpati festival. Anyway, I tried making Ukadiche Modak. It was Sachin's idea and so he willing took up the position of sous-chef. I am not that good cook and I can cook only few things well. Still I was trying to show off my limited culinary skills in front of Sachin and in my over smartness I over cooked the filling. Other wise the Modaks were good enough. And I could only make two of them look like modak others were shaped like balls. Any hoo... Sachin and I binged on them ceremoniously.
The recipe I followed was this :


The outcome was this :

Steaming Modaks in Idli maker

Since its festival time I daily dress up for the evening Ganpati puja. What I love about the Indian traditional wear is the way it can be accessorized and made to be looked even more beautiful. Lately I have realized the importance of owning artificial jewelry, thanx to my sister MONA. Trust me fashion jewelry just changes the way you look - traditional or western. I am posting my latest obsession in the jewelry department.

This neck piece has become my favorite b'coz it looks great with salwar kameez, kurta/kurti+denims, kurta/kurti+skirts and also some dresses.

 I am teaming up this neck piece with these other pieces of jewelry...

Gift - cousin sis

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

D.I.Y. Project Shoe: No.1

Hi, this one is my very first D.I.Y. Project in the shoes category. I have ventured a lot in the clothes category before. Shoes was something I wished to try from a very long time but wasn't actually sure how to or what to change. Well one fine day an idea struck and things fell into place. Bought some paints and I started off. The results are as follows:


I took my old pair of gladiators and add few beads on the front straps. The ones near the ankle were there from start. After adding the beads, I drew Chevron print on the gladiators with help of an all-surface pen.  

I love Chevron prints and they are mighty simple to draw too. I preferred to draw first rather than directly start off with the painting part. Just for some confidence.  

I have used Camel company's Artists' Acrylic Colours. The best part of these paints are that they dry off real fast. So I didn't have to wait for more than 20 minutes to add a layer of varnish. I have used Camel company's Picture Varnish. Its for oil paintings but I use it on acrylic too. Works just fine for me. I have added two layers of varnish on these pair of shoes. 

They just look fab and with all the colours on them they look great with many outfits.  


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