Friday, February 15, 2013

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These days I have started to become way to care less with shopping. Naa... not in the spending department. I have some how bought clothes which are at least 1 or 2 sizes larger than what I wear. I shop in Mumbai and I stay in Pune (these place are 153.2 kms - 95.19 miles away from each other), so its not possible for me to exchange them within stipulated time. Hence the only option is to alter them. And luckily, as mentioned before I love to alter my clothes. 

I had bought this short sleeved cardigan from MAX. I had picked size M at the store and home came size XL. Anyway this is how I altered it...

Correct, no 'before' pictures clicked...  So the pictorial illustrations.

I have used tucks on the back-neck line as the problem area was the neck line.. It used to droop from the shoulders.
4 inches or more has vanished under these beautiful tucks. 
Added the button detail on top...

It was a boat-neck cardigan but after the alteration it has become V-neck.

I team these with the cardigan


  1. This is Seriously cute..Shivali..! I am amazed...Wonder Woman.


    New Post Up ;)

    1. Thanx a ton Girl...
      Wonder Woman... heehee... no comments.

  2. Oh wow ! You have altered it so well ! made it so much better than the original !

    The Heiress Blog

  3. Another good one!

    <3 from:

  4. You're really good at altering your clothes! I usually just wear a belt over them a sweater if it is too big:) this really looks great!

  5. R u learning Fashion? how are you so good with deconstructing clothes? its amazing..

    1. Thanx Rajvi...
      No I am not learning fashion. All thanx to my maternal genes...
      : )

  6. too good clothes and shoes are waiting for u...........i think i should courier them to u i will also own some unique and different collection from existing u


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