Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Contest for the Splash

Hey entered the contest by SPLASH via In-fb.
Not writing much as am already way to late in giving my post link. Lets hope they consider.... fingers crossed.

The inspiration behind this look is Spring the season. I love spring. Its cool and so friendly. Its like nothing can go wrong when its Spring. Every where colors spring out, be it the vegetation or we lovely girls with our pretty outfits.
The blouse and jacket/blazer is in neutral color so that all the accessories pop out or spring up. Denims with floral print, because nothing can be more comfortable and chic at the same time...

Personally I am not much of a accessory person but the options provided by Splash were just mind-blowing. The Jacket/Blazer below is just a carry-on, just in case the winter might have forgotten behind few chilly winds.


  1. Love your selections! And I so want that lace blouse! Are they carrying it in their Splash stores?

    1. Hey Rosh,
      am glad you liked my selection...
      The lace top is awesome...I want it too.

  2. gorgeous picks!



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