Friday, December 21, 2012

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Cold nights and mornings. Clicked these when the sun was rising... Love the way the birds are huddled together for warmth...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Enliven your spoons

Early morning cooking doesn't appeal me. Yeah you guessed it right I am not a morning person. And winter mornings makes every possible action so very difficult. And to top it all my kitchen faces west so all the light is available only after noon. When so many things are working against me I had to do something to liven up this space. I generally keep rearranging the stuff in my kitchen. So that I have a new look every month or so. This time I thought of adding some color. Painting the walls will be too far fetched so I targeted the wooden spoons used for cooking.

It worked. Every morning when I see these I get a smile on my face...  

I stock up all my serving spoons and ladels in this vase/pot... Searching them in the kitchen drawers while cooking is a real pain. So this way it is Easy to pick and Easy to choose from...

During my stay in Japan I had been to this restaurant named KERALA NO KAZE which means Winds of Kerala. They had these cute spoon holders and I want to buy such ones for my dinner table too... Still searching. Wished to share the pics with you all. Let me know if you see them anywhere

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Left Overs

So till date you have seen how to chop pullovers and convert them into Bolero's and Cardigans. Today lets see 3 different way of styling the left over part of the chopped pullover.

 You have already seen me wearing this Bolero HERE. This too was a pullover and had bought it from Pantaloons, Mumbai, India in 2005. This is one sturdy piece of wool I must say...

Well after making a nice bolero out of the pullover I was left with this....

So I thought of making a nice neck warmer out of it. A bit different than the LAST ONE

Hem the ends of the left over part as well as the elastic band. 

Am using an elastic band to give some stiffness to the neck warmer. 




For details about the making process, please write to me at

Saturday, December 15, 2012

There is light

I clicked this snap some time back... Every time I see this picture it makes me feel calm and better. And so whenever I feel low and helpless I just look at this snap. Why??? Because when I see this picture the thought that comes to my mind is : RELAX AND KEEP LOOKING THERE IS GOING TO BE SOME SOURCE OF LIGHT IN THIS DARKNESS...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mixing Prints

I had vowed that I won't crib (crib = complain {Indian English}) on my blog no matter what. If I do not have anything nice to say then I won't say. Because I truly believe the habit of cribbing is contagious. It catches very fast and can travel miles. Its spreads through speech. How to safe guard yourself??? Well avoid people who are irritating, pompous, selfish, and bloated due to shallowness and pride. They instigate the need to crib. And also avoid people who crib incessantly. 
Does that mean that I don't crib at all. Ahh.. I wish I was that blessed. All my cribbing sessions are reserved for the special people (they are immune to this habit) in my life. Who listen to me, correct me and decontaminate me. Thanks guys, you know who you are. 
Anyways, today I am going to make an exception and crib a bit. And about who... the Monginis cake shop people. And why...cause they have played a nasty game with my sweet craving taste buds. Yesterday I saw Monginis Plum cake in a grocery store and I immediately bought it. I took a bite and I could eat no more. I mean come on, if I want to eat crap like this I will bake it myself. Only thing drier than that plum cake will be saw dust. And the amazing part was that in some sections the cake was all doughy. Heaven knows what was that cake like thing. 
All I want to say is think twice before investing in Monginis' so called Plum Cake.

Today I have an outfit post for you all.
 This is supposedly the latest fashion trend - Print on print. This combination (POLKA DOTS + STRIPES + CHEVRON) has been donned by me on plenty of occasions this year. I don't know how can it be latest... Anyway I wore it again while going for shopping. 

Pictures are blurred thanks to my spazzed camera.  
The lights have played their game too. 
No I am not complaining... My happy with the outcome.

These ones are taken in a dimly lit room..
Before Shopping.

These ones were taken in too brightly lit room...
After Shopping... I look calm and happy because I hadn't eaten the cake till then...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crochet Collar Scarf

From Wednesday night I can actually feel the drop in the temperature. I am assuming that we are going to have a nice Chilly Christmas this year.
Christmas for me is all about cakes and celebrations and wearing all the wooly clothes. In India that is the only time when we can flaunt our winter wear. And so I made one nice narrow Crochet Collar Scarf. The best part of this scarf is that its trendy, not chunky and easy to make.

How to drape:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Flyaway got Cross Stitched

I had bought this Bare Denim pullover in 2009 and haven't wore it even once. Some how I am not comfortable in pullover. So this pullover too got restyled and became a Flyaway. Flyaway is a cardigan without buttons or zippers.
And I also added a cross stitch pattern at the back. The pattern is of a Japanese doll, Ningyo.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Till date I was really not sure about the difference between a Shrug and a Bolero. But after a bit of research I was enlightened that a shrug is a garment that covers the upper back and shoulders only and it may or may not have sleeves. And a Bolero is a short jacket which ends just under the breast line or maybe a little longer.

Well that means my earlier DIY posts were all Boleros and not shrugs. Anyway, since I realized my mistake I have made the necessary changes and updated those posts.  HEREHERE and HERE.

Anyway, so we have restyled our pullover and knit top to be a Bolero. Now lets see how I have converted a dress into a Bolero.

I had bought this dress from Uniqlo, Tokyo, Japan. As usual I do not have any snaps of the dress. So here comes the pictorial illustration.



The best part of this conversion was that there was no need of hemming as the material doesn't fray at the edge.

If you wish to know the step by step conversion process then mail me at

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