Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hang Them...

From a long time I am trying to come up with new storage ideas for my unlimited jewelry stock. I have tried with  storage boxes but now they are over flowing too. I really don't know why I buy so many accessories when I don't even bother to wear them most of the times. Anyway.. since I have bought them, I have to store them and that to in a orderly fashion. Neck pieces are the trouble makers. They create such a mess and tangle. Long back I had seen girls hanging there jewelry on hooks around there bedroom/closet room. I thought of doing that but later realized I shouldn't. I can't do that as Sachin always complains about how I hog on all the space in the house to store MY stuff only. Yeah I do agree on that...some of my things has already invaded his closet and conquered few shelves. In fact I have started to use his clothes for my DIY projects too. Will be posting about it soon. OK I am deviating from the original topic. So this time I had to create some extra space in my closet. And thats when the stick-on-hooks came to my rescue. I had bought these when I was in Tokyo (Nails piercing the walls was a complete no no). I had some cable managing hooks too.
And all these hooks are now carrying the burden of my neck pieces. The necklaces had to be hanged as they are the trouble makers cruel me... Am Happy again cruel me...

This is my dressing table. The mirror has a storage cabinet on its back where all my handbags stay. Luckily its wide enough to store 2-3 bags on one shelf. Anyways... this is how I have arranged the hooks.
The longer neck laces got the cable hooks and the normal lengths got the normal hooks.

Well these are just the few of my possessions. Need many more hooks and cabinet doors.

Today is my lovely friend Aditi's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADITI...

Aditi and I met during our college days. She was my classmate for 2 solid years and yet I never got to know her that well. But Thanks to blogging that I got this wonderful opportunity to know her and have long girlie gossipy chats with her. Aditi also blogs at So-Saree I completely love the way she writes and the nice topics she comes up with.
Hope you have an excellent day and year ahead sweetie. I love your zeal and dedication about everything and anything around you. So much to learn from you. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Polka Dots and Circles

I am not even sure why I bought these navy blue canvas shoes... Probably because they were navy blue... yeah thats my favorite color. I might have worn them only...mmm... once I suppose.
Anyway... I was thinking of converting these boring blue babies into something quirky and lively... My all time favorite is polka dots. Though at first I had thought of giving it a complete polka look, but later changed the idea a bit. Along came circles. And I completely love them now.

I have used Camlin's Artists' Acrylic Colors. They are good on fabrics too. 

I have removed the laces as I hate to keep tying them time and again. Instead I have used a black thick elastic thread to fasten up. This helps to slip the feet in and out easily. No hassles at all. 

Weather in Pune has lost it completely. It doesn't know whether to be chilly or to be sunny or to rain and destroy the mango bloom. Anyways clicked these two snaps just before sunset. 
I simply love the golden lining of the grey clouds in the above picture. Some how I see the map of India and adjoining countries in this snap. Can anyone else spot it???

And in the picture below the different shades of the clouds are just amazingly beautiful.
Photography has helped me to see the brighter side of the dull and gloomy cloudy days.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

Back: 2

These days I have started to become way to care less with shopping. Naa... not in the spending department. I have some how bought clothes which are at least 1 or 2 sizes larger than what I wear. I shop in Mumbai and I stay in Pune (these place are 153.2 kms - 95.19 miles away from each other), so its not possible for me to exchange them within stipulated time. Hence the only option is to alter them. And luckily, as mentioned before I love to alter my clothes. 

I had bought this short sleeved cardigan from MAX. I had picked size M at the store and home came size XL. Anyway this is how I altered it...

Correct, no 'before' pictures clicked...  So the pictorial illustrations.

I have used tucks on the back-neck line as the problem area was the neck line.. It used to droop from the shoulders.
4 inches or more has vanished under these beautiful tucks. 
Added the button detail on top...

It was a boat-neck cardigan but after the alteration it has become V-neck.

I team these with the cardigan

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Contest for the Splash

Hey entered the contest by SPLASH via In-fb.
Not writing much as am already way to late in giving my post link. Lets hope they consider.... fingers crossed.

The inspiration behind this look is Spring the season. I love spring. Its cool and so friendly. Its like nothing can go wrong when its Spring. Every where colors spring out, be it the vegetation or we lovely girls with our pretty outfits.
The blouse and jacket/blazer is in neutral color so that all the accessories pop out or spring up. Denims with floral print, because nothing can be more comfortable and chic at the same time...

Personally I am not much of a accessory person but the options provided by Splash were just mind-blowing. The Jacket/Blazer below is just a carry-on, just in case the winter might have forgotten behind few chilly winds.

Monday, February 11, 2013


This year winter was a big disappointment. In terms of cold. The winter sale was too good, no disappointments in that department... Since the so-called winter season has bid adieu, last week was dedicated to the gentle washing, bobble removing and packing away of my winter wear. During this process I found a old sleeveless button-down sweater. Its a hand-me-down from Mona my darling sister and has been knit by my super talented aunt. As far as I think this one is at least 12 years old. I never wore it coz it was too loose. Being me, I had to adjust and alter it. BTW I love to alter my clothes and that to in new ways. This is how I styled and altered it...

As usual I don't have the 'before' look of the sweater. I realized to click snaps after I had cut it. Well its never too late, correct? Since I have clicked snaps I will let them do the the talking...

Stitched satin ribbons and added a button at the back. 

The loop for the button is a thick elastic thread. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Blog Award

Yahooo... got my first blog award, the LIEBSTER AWARD...

This award is for the raring bloggers who have less than 300 followers. I was nominated for this one by my lovely blogger friend Megha - Makeup and Beauty Treasure. Thanx a lot gal...

- Answer the questions the tagger has asked you.
- List 10 bloggers you nominate and link them in the post. Let them know.
- Create 10 questions for the bloggers you have tagged to answer.

My answers to Megha's questions:

Q: Favorite makeup brand?
A: Currently its COLOR BAR

Q: Favorite thing about blogging?
A: Comments/Compliments that I receive. They motivate me to do better.

Q: Beauty Tip?
A: Castor Oil + Coconut Oil = Awesome hair.

Q: Favorite Fashionista? Why?
A: Kareena kapoor. She is just FAB when it comes to style.

Q: Matte or Dewey look?
A: Both..

Q: Hardest/Difficult thing about blogging?
A: Getting my outfit pictures clicked. It drains me out.

Q: Prized possession in my ward robe?
A: Everything.

Q: 2 bloggers that inspire me?
A: Renu - RE-NEW IT and Aditi - So-Saree

Q: Pink or Red lipstick?
A: Red

Q: Favorite celebrity and what would I ask if I meet her/him?
A: Mmmm... No one is crossing my mind right now.

My Nominees:
1) RenuRE-NEW IT
2) AditiSo-Saree
3) IvanaA little place to call my own
4) ShreejaPineapple-ish
5) BiankaBIBI
6) HeatherA Frugal Peek in the World
7) PoorvaAll things beautiful
8) RupaJenny's Bicycle
9) Likewhatyou wearin'
10) Rach-in-Fashion

My questions for the lovely Nominees:

1) In Vogue or Own Style Trends
2) Your Passion
3) Favorite Accessory
4) Compulsive shopper or Smart shopper
5) Pants or Skirts/Dresses
6) Stilettos or Wedges
7) Your Style Icon
8) A must have makeup product
9) Favorite thing about your blog
10) One thing that you wish to have in your wardrobe

Monday, February 4, 2013

Simple to Ornate: 2

Hey All, 
Am back, after a forced absence. Thanx to my internet connection. In the beginning I was really mad at the situation. Later though I enjoyed this sans internet time to the fullest. I have restyled plenty of clothes. Cut, sewed, pasted, colored and decorated to my hearts content. 
The only upsetting thing was the realization that life without The Internet is difficult. Not impossible but really difficult and terribly annoying if thats the medium how you connect and communicate with people. 
Anyway this post is about one of my creations during my virtual absence.

I had bought a plum color Rang Manch kurta 2.5 years back. I usually buy plain and simple kurtas and kurtis. So that I can redesign and restyle them later. This Rang Manch kurta was way to simple. So it sat in my ward robe for over a year. It came out before Diwali 2012 for its first make over. Yeah.. I restyled it twice. 

Trust me I had the before pictures. Am some how unable to find them. Well the picture below is of how the kurta looked after its first makeover.. Like I have mentioned above, initially the kurta was plain. In this snap you can see that I have added sequins. 

After sequins I added fabric colors. Now the kurta looks like this... 

After working on the front of the kurta I attacked its back. I like patterns and designs at the back of the outfit too...

I love AZTEC print...

The kurta has a stand collar so there is no point in wearing neck pieces... Wearing lovely jumbo jhumkas are the best way to glam your stand collar kurtas. 

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