Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Picture Quotes

My very own picture quotes...
Ok... the quotes aren't mine BUT the pictures are....   ; )

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fun with T-SHIRTS...

Hey Guys,
 We are now going to enter into 'Fun With T-shirt Series'...
In today's and upcoming blog post I will show you different and simple ways of converting your boring T-shirts in to something cute and fun...
So lets start with today's tutorial.

The easy and best way of pepping the T-shirt is by painting it. We can paint the T-shirts with the help of several methods (i.e. with brush or sponge or stencils or blocks and the list goes on). Today we will see the brush effect.

1) To begin with I took a not so old T-shirt of Jockey brand and ironed it well.

2) I am crazy about Aztec prints so I chose my design and drew it on a drawing sheet. You can even download designs from the net.

3) Transfer your design on a tracing paper.

4) Now with the help of a Carbon Paper trace the design onto your T-shirt. Carbon papers are available in multiple colors. I have used the white one.

5) Sandwich an old newspaper between the back and front of the Tee. This way the color wont get transferred to the other side.

6) Now start painting with your brush and fabric paints. I have used Camel company's ARTISTS' ACRYLIC COLOUR. I haven't used any medium even though the consistency is pretty thick compared to the other brand.

7) After 72 hours, iron on the reverse side.

Your T-shirt is ready to ROCK...

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pics. I lack patience when I have to shift from painting to shooting pics. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quilting Experiments...

Hey All,

I love quilting.
Though I am not so good at it... I tried to make something simple with the help of this art.

As per Wikipedia : 
Quilting can refer either to the process of creating a quilt or to the sewing of two or more layers of material together to make a thicker padded material. The materials can be sewn together by either designing or piecing or applique or binding or by plenty other ways. Quilting can be done by hand or with the help of sewing machine. 

First I tried to make a dual colored cover for my Mixer n Grinder.
The process:
1) Cut 8 squares of fabric (measurement is as per need).
2) Join the four square pieces together with stitch lines. Repeat for the remaining 4 squares. You will now have two big squares, one for each side.
3) Then cut 2 felt squares whose measurement matches with that of the big square. These will act as padding for the patched squares.
4) Stitch these felt squares with the big squares. I have given multiple stitch lines so that the layers stay together always.
5) I have added a flounce, with pleats at the one side, at the hem.
6) Then for decorating the cover, I have stitched a lace on one side and sewn buttons on the other.

And second one was a Wrap Around, All-Purpose Pouch.

This one has been created by sewing together Tie-Dye cotton fabric, Sponge sheet and lining fabric.
On the inside an elastic has been attached at regular intervals so that you can stuff your belonging in it.
The outer side has been adorned by mirror work and simple Kantha + sequin work.
The belts are of velvet and have press buttons on them.

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