Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mahabaleshwar, India

We had been to Mahabaleshwar to celebrate my birthday this year. It was my very first tour of this place and I had heard a lot about it. So I was eagerly waiting to see and capture it through my lens.. But things didnt go the way we had planned it. On arrival itself I fell ill. And we visited 2 or 3 places only.. 
Anyway since I had to spend most of my time indoors. We decided to book a real nice resort for our stay. We hadn't booked any before hand. And hence we had a mini tour of resorts in Mahabaleshwar. At the end we chose SAKET PLAZA resort. And we made the best choice I must say. This is one good resort. No monkeys at all. Yes thats one of my criteria when I am visiting a hill station. I need clean and animal/insect free room from within and outside.
Saket Plaza Resort is a clean Gujarati resort. Yeah so only vegetarian food here. The rooms are cozy and pleasant. The service is good. And the food is excellent. Despite being sick I ate like crazy. Which generally doesn't happen. When I am ill my stomach goes on hunger strike. 
They offer a nice candle light dinner on a tree house. Which is very romantic. 
 I learnt to play Table Tennis at the resort.. I know I was ill, still. My hubby was the coach. I love whatever he teaches me. Coming back to TT, I really enjoyed this game. I thought badminton will be my only favorite. But I must say TT is giving tough to it... From exercise point of view though its not so mind blowing. No wonder I liked it ; )


One can see lovely layers of mountains from this point.. I don't remember its name though. It was an awesome view. There were so many things around to capture, but alas I can either click snaps or enjoy the beauty of nature. I chose the second this time. It was a forced decision, my SD card's memory was almost full with earlier events' pictures. Ahhh.. I wish I had my laptop to transfer them, then and there itself...  Anyway nothing can capture an image like the mind does. Do you agree??? Sour Grapes...

The Valley.
Can you see the mosaicked farms???

The branches had formed a lovely archway throughout the way. The place was alive in every sense. Birds chirping and insects doing whatever they do. They composed a cheerful melody.  

Lodwik Point

Elephant Head Point. 
I love Sayadri mountain range. Its so green, so sturdy and so calming.
 Guess what, I forgot to take my sneakers for this tour. I was strolling on these mountain tops in 4 inch high wedges. I have recently started with heels after a sabbatical of 7 long years. My feet were dancing through the entire trek. We laughed like crazy and I sure did amuse many passerby. All thanks to my wobbly feet. I was never embarrassed like this before. Ummm... on a second thought I have been plenty of times. 

I used to HATE everything yellow. But From past 6 months I wish to own all the yellows that I see. Well not all the hues of yellow. Only few shades.  

I am mighty scared of anything that has wings. For the first time ever I came this close to a honey bee. Things you can do for your hobby....sigh...
: D 

The places we visited in Mahabaleshwar were:
Lodwik point, Elephant head point, Bombay point and Venna Lake. 
We also visited the Mapro gardens. Thanks to that visit, from past 12 days my chocolate bowl is full and colorful.


  1. Awesome pics..I would have loved to see u in the pics though..!

  2. Thanx dear...
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    1. That's not true..or rather not possible. M sure u were looking so preety that ur hubby was too possessive to share it on ur blog. What say?

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  14. Its seem like you have wonderful time in Mahabaleshwar. Thanks for share you views experience with us.


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