Monday, February 18, 2013

Polka Dots and Circles

I am not even sure why I bought these navy blue canvas shoes... Probably because they were navy blue... yeah thats my favorite color. I might have worn them only...mmm... once I suppose.
Anyway... I was thinking of converting these boring blue babies into something quirky and lively... My all time favorite is polka dots. Though at first I had thought of giving it a complete polka look, but later changed the idea a bit. Along came circles. And I completely love them now.

I have used Camlin's Artists' Acrylic Colors. They are good on fabrics too. 

I have removed the laces as I hate to keep tying them time and again. Instead I have used a black thick elastic thread to fasten up. This helps to slip the feet in and out easily. No hassles at all. 

Weather in Pune has lost it completely. It doesn't know whether to be chilly or to be sunny or to rain and destroy the mango bloom. Anyways clicked these two snaps just before sunset. 
I simply love the golden lining of the grey clouds in the above picture. Some how I see the map of India and adjoining countries in this snap. Can anyone else spot it???

And in the picture below the different shades of the clouds are just amazingly beautiful.
Photography has helped me to see the brighter side of the dull and gloomy cloudy days.  


  1. Shivali..
    Enough is enough..! How can u ? Every single time..?
    I m in loss of words. I hate u so much.


    P.S. U better help me with my wardrobe..or i m stalking u.

    1. Aww... don't hate me, Lurvee me. Heehee...
      Am always there to help... anytime.
      : D

  2. Wow great job you are so creative!

  3. Awesome they look superb.
    New post up on my blog :

  4. shoes r looking great dear................just loved them,,,,,,,,,

  5. Amazing! You are the master (oops .. mistress) of DIY .. I bow to you. ... really too good!

    1. Thanx Rosh for such a nice compliment... Am blushing...
      : )

  6. Polka dots are one of my favorite things! Those shoes? Love them - they're so fun!


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