Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hang Them...

From a long time I am trying to come up with new storage ideas for my unlimited jewelry stock. I have tried with  storage boxes but now they are over flowing too. I really don't know why I buy so many accessories when I don't even bother to wear them most of the times. Anyway.. since I have bought them, I have to store them and that to in a orderly fashion. Neck pieces are the trouble makers. They create such a mess and tangle. Long back I had seen girls hanging there jewelry on hooks around there bedroom/closet room. I thought of doing that but later realized I shouldn't. I can't do that as Sachin always complains about how I hog on all the space in the house to store MY stuff only. Yeah I do agree on that...some of my things has already invaded his closet and conquered few shelves. In fact I have started to use his clothes for my DIY projects too. Will be posting about it soon. OK I am deviating from the original topic. So this time I had to create some extra space in my closet. And thats when the stick-on-hooks came to my rescue. I had bought these when I was in Tokyo (Nails piercing the walls was a complete no no). I had some cable managing hooks too.
And all these hooks are now carrying the burden of my neck pieces. The necklaces had to be hanged as they are the trouble makers cruel me... Am Happy again cruel me...

This is my dressing table. The mirror has a storage cabinet on its back where all my handbags stay. Luckily its wide enough to store 2-3 bags on one shelf. Anyways... this is how I have arranged the hooks.
The longer neck laces got the cable hooks and the normal lengths got the normal hooks.

Well these are just the few of my possessions. Need many more hooks and cabinet doors.

Today is my lovely friend Aditi's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADITI...

Aditi and I met during our college days. She was my classmate for 2 solid years and yet I never got to know her that well. But Thanks to blogging that I got this wonderful opportunity to know her and have long girlie gossipy chats with her. Aditi also blogs at So-Saree I completely love the way she writes and the nice topics she comes up with.
Hope you have an excellent day and year ahead sweetie. I love your zeal and dedication about everything and anything around you. So much to learn from you. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY...


  1. Aaaww..thats so sweet..thank u so much Shivali. it really means a lot.
    I love ur accesories collection, but more so i am jeolous about ur organised dressing table. mine is a mess. HELP..!;)


  2. Happy Birthday Aditi! I wished you at your blog, wishing you here again :)
    Shivali .. you have such pretty neckpieces! And love the way you have arranged them. Wish I had a mirror with a closet at the back to do this .. unfortunately not enough space in my cupboards to do this. So they stay in my jewellery boxes and any other boxes that I get :D

  3. I always welcome ideas like this one! To tell you the truth, any suggestion about how to organize one's accessories I could use. I think your DIY is really great. It looks cool and it's neat. You're absolutely right. It is the big necklaces that are the trouble makers and I have a thing for them.

    I had this problem fixed when I was living with my parents. My necklaces were on the wall in the hallway and since they have a big flat (and lots of hallway space) it wasn't a problem. Since I made the most of necklaces I have myself they would always show them to people the way you would show family photos. Anyway, I don't have space to do this kind of thing in my house, so your DIY will prove to be really helpful!

    p.s. I'm also thinking of using my hubs' clothes for DIY projects. He never wears 90% stuff he has, so why not?

    1. I am glad that this idea can work for you... I too love big neck pieces, but avoid buying them coz they tangle very fast. wear
      And I so love to wear my hubby's tees. They are so super comfy. Do share your DIYs. Would love to get inspired.

  4. Hi there New to your awesome & Creative Blog!!!!!

  5. again another Greal Idea! It's great to know that Aditi and you were classmates!

    <3 from:


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