Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Blog Award

Yahooo... got my first blog award, the LIEBSTER AWARD...

This award is for the raring bloggers who have less than 300 followers. I was nominated for this one by my lovely blogger friend Megha - Makeup and Beauty Treasure. Thanx a lot gal...

- Answer the questions the tagger has asked you.
- List 10 bloggers you nominate and link them in the post. Let them know.
- Create 10 questions for the bloggers you have tagged to answer.

My answers to Megha's questions:

Q: Favorite makeup brand?
A: Currently its COLOR BAR

Q: Favorite thing about blogging?
A: Comments/Compliments that I receive. They motivate me to do better.

Q: Beauty Tip?
A: Castor Oil + Coconut Oil = Awesome hair.

Q: Favorite Fashionista? Why?
A: Kareena kapoor. She is just FAB when it comes to style.

Q: Matte or Dewey look?
A: Both..

Q: Hardest/Difficult thing about blogging?
A: Getting my outfit pictures clicked. It drains me out.

Q: Prized possession in my ward robe?
A: Everything.

Q: 2 bloggers that inspire me?
A: Renu - RE-NEW IT and Aditi - So-Saree

Q: Pink or Red lipstick?
A: Red

Q: Favorite celebrity and what would I ask if I meet her/him?
A: Mmmm... No one is crossing my mind right now.

My Nominees:
1) RenuRE-NEW IT
2) AditiSo-Saree
3) IvanaA little place to call my own
4) ShreejaPineapple-ish
5) BiankaBIBI
6) HeatherA Frugal Peek in the World
7) PoorvaAll things beautiful
8) RupaJenny's Bicycle
9) Likewhatyou wearin'
10) Rach-in-Fashion

My questions for the lovely Nominees:

1) In Vogue or Own Style Trends
2) Your Passion
3) Favorite Accessory
4) Compulsive shopper or Smart shopper
5) Pants or Skirts/Dresses
6) Stilettos or Wedges
7) Your Style Icon
8) A must have makeup product
9) Favorite thing about your blog
10) One thing that you wish to have in your wardrobe


  1. Congratulations to you!!!
    Thank you so much Shivali! That's really wonderful of you dear! :)
    Interesting questions!

  2. thanks a lot Shivali :) loved reading your answers:)

  3. It's very kind of you to follow my site, your blog is very nice with beautiful photos.
    Greetings from Spain.
    And congratulations on your award.

  4. I was already nominated so I cannot participate, but thank you for thinking about! It was nice reading your answers. Having that your our questions are so interesting I'll answer them anyway:
    1.own style trends
    2. art
    3. belts
    4. smart shopper
    5. skirts
    6. stilletos
    7. Josipa Lisac
    10. white long coat

  5. thanks a lot for nominating us!!:)

  6. Congrats girl. You have a nice blog hope you can checkout my blog sometime.

  7. Congratulations on the award! Just started following your blog - come check out mine x

  8. Hi thanks for visiting my blog. Sure lets follow each other. Am following you now its your turn. Please follow back.

  9. Hey, you have a great blog!
    Do you wanna to follow eache other? let me know!

    1. Hey. I'm follower 45, now you very welcome to follow my blog, waiting to see you!

  10. Congrats!!! Would you mind following each other?

    <3 from:

  11. hey girl..finally did a post for the blog award. chk it out. tthnx for nominating me.


    1. You are always Welcome... And frankly speaking you deserve this and so much more...
      Congrats gal and all the best...

  12. kya baat hai...............congrats.......


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