Sunday, July 8, 2012


Saw the movie 'EAT PRAY LOVE' today. Looking forward to read the book now. The best thing about the movie (for me) was the picture which Ketut gave to Liz. I loved the picture and the message behind it. I was so intrigued with it that I wanted one for me. And I drew it. I have added a few elements to it. Sharing it with you all.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Made a chocolate sponge cake today. And trust me it tasted horrible. It looked good but it lacked sweetness and I think I added to much cocoa powder in the batter which made it bitter too. Anyways I blew up my oven while pre-heating it. So I had to bake the cake in pressure cooker. It turned out to be good and easy method. Takes a bit longer time to get done though.

Pressure cooker method:
1) Take a pressure cooker. And put the base plate in. Don't pour any water.
2) On the base plate place an empty vessel. I had put one of the cooker's container and I baked the cake in one of the other container. Okay, then I placed the filled container on the top of the empty one.
3) Now close the cooker's lid and DO NOT put the whistle on it.
4) Bake the cake on a medium low flame for 40 minutes.
5) After 40 minutes remove the lid and poke a knife in the cake. If it comes out clean then TADAAAA the cake is done. And if not then bake it a bit longer say 5 minutes approximately. Repeat the knife procedure again.

I am not posting the cake's recipe for obvious reasons. Hope to make a tasty one next time. If you have a the perfect Eggless cake recipe please do send it to me on

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