Friday, March 1, 2013


I love Tartan print. I always wanted to own something having this print and wished it would be different and nice. Luckily I found my first in this winter sale at GLOBUS. Yeah I am crazy about Globus stores. They have great discounts too. Half my wardrobe comes from this store. I bought this one for 600 INR

In India I have seen very few people flaunting tartan. Mostly scarves and bags have this print. At least thats what I have seen in India. Well just few days back one of my lovely blogger friend IVANA published a post about her Tartan Pants. They are so fab I wish to have one in my closet ASAP.  Anyway till I find one I am gonna parade in this Yellow Tartan Shirt.

I like shirts having this ruffle-y detail at the back. 

This shirt looks great when it is tucked in, I wear it that way mostly. Some how I didn't feel like doing so for this outfit post. I will post the tucked in snaps some time later.
Pants and skirts both are a hit with this yellow tartan.

This my favorite bag. Its foot long and so you can stuff your entire world in it... Okay I exaggerated a lot. A woman's world won't fit in any bag. 
Bought this rough-tough looking baby from a flea market in Tokyo just for 1500¥. 


  1. the shirt ..n love ur bag.
    i didnt even know, this print was called Tartan. How ignorant of me! but thanks to awesome frens like u..i know better.


  2. I love tartan print too. It looks just classy :)

    Would you like follow each other? I'm your newest follower. I hope you follow me too.

    1. Thanx for dropping by...
      Yeah Tartan is so classy.

  3. I love that shirt, I'm sure it will go great with everything! and thank you sweets for mentioning me;)

  4. great blog i love this!!!
    following xoxo

  5. thx for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? ;)

  6. Hey dear you have been awarded 'Creative Blogger Award'
    Collect your badge from my blog
    Congrats :)

  7. heyyy cool top and your bag is really smart!
    Thanks for the lovely comment as always :) :) :)

  8. Wow great job I like :D I follow u ;)))

  9. Congrats on that award! You deserve it!
    And you look so cute in the tartan shirt .. very very sweet :)

  10. I have a thing for checks and I think everyone must have one piece in the wardrobe.



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