Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Morning Drama

Saturday morning I just happened to peek through my kitchen's window and saw this cute little thing on the top of the roof of the next apartment. I grabbed my camera and clicked few pics. This cat was so graceful and cute that I just stood there watching it for next 10 minutes and I realized that it wasn' t able to climb down. The only way down was to jump 4 storey down. Which was impossible. After 30 minutes hundreds of crows started gathering around and I thought now I should do something. And so I and hubby went to for the rescue mission. We managed to get on the roof with the security guard along with us. The moment the crows and the cat saw us three two things happened. The crows flew away and THE CAT JUMPED FROM THE ROOF. FOUR STOREY DOWN. And I was like, heaven what did I do... We rushed down and the cat was completely fine. I mean not a scratch or internal injury. There was a small tree next to the apartment but it was far from the point from where it jumped. I am assuming it landed on the tree first... It was a miracle for me.
Anyway... here are the before pics. And yes I LOVE CATS...


  1. I don't like cats...but i appreciate ur gesture.Good job.

    1. Thanx dear. I love to watch them but a bit scared to pick them up or play with them. They are so unpredictable.


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