Friday, December 7, 2012


In April, I know its LONG BAck, I and Sachin MY HUBBY  had been to Diveagar for a tiny vacation. My husband just LOOOVES beaches. I love them too but only the clean ones. I had been to Srivardhan and Harihareshwar, these beaches are close to Diveagar, when I was a teenager. And so I knew how beautiful and clean these places are.
This is going to be a long post.
Anyways, What I loved about this trip: The beach, The Wada (residence complex) where we stayed, The Ganpati temple, The sweet coconut water, The lovely tall coconut trees, The delicious jackfruit, The food along with the yummy modaks as desserts, The long walks on the beach, The cool sand and fierce sea winds, The adventurous trip from my house to Diveagar thanks to google maps, and so many more wonderful moments.
Must buy in Diveagar: The Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Jambhul (Java/Black Plum) and Karvand (Cran/Kiwi berry) juice cans. They are so pure and tasty. We bought 9 or so small cans. Also try amba-vadi. Most of them were Black Plum and Amla juice cans.

We had our lunches and Dinners at Mr. Parkers restaurant (do try their UKADICHE MODAK - you need to book your veg/non-veg thali and modaks before hand)
Our stay was at a Wada which was very clean, cost friendly and with a decent room service (suggested by a friend) and Hotel Pinnakin which was good (suggested by my cousin)

For details of the Wada and Mr. Parkers restaurant please mail me at

Golden sands
Diveagar Ganpati Temple
Jackfruit - YUM
Foam and bubbles
Side by side
Play time
Digging some treasures???
Ahhh... the sunsets...
On Fire
So Serene
Goodbye and see You soon
Oral B's cousin ORIEL 8
Our ride
So tall


  1. WOW.. i had been to srivardhan, hariharshwar n srivardhan about 2 years ago..n was totally in awe. the beaches r soooo beautiful n clean. i loved the seafood as well. wish i can go again.
    n for u ..lovely photography...n lovely u.

    1. Firstly thanx for the compliment... Like always you are too generous...
      And abt these places... I can rant away all day long. Its a paradise for sea food lovers. But I enjoyed the vegetarian food equally. I would love to visit again too. And sooner the better.


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