Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cowl scarf/Neck warmer

Winter has arrived, not with a bang though... And out came all my wooly clothes. Found this cowl scarf I had made two years back. 

Crochet Cowl scarf/Neck warmer that I made to kill time in gloomy winters of Japan. This one is rugged chunky one. Apt for real cold winters.

The thing I like about neck warmers is that they are really very simple to make. Well you need to know how to knit first. Well even if you don't know how to knit, in the next post I will show you how to make one out of old woolen pullovers..

This one gives nice warmth when riding a two wheeler in Pune. 

Going out with Sachin for a MAstani. Can't deny a Mastani no matter whats the temperature outside. 


  1. heyyy ur hair looks so cute in the 1st pic!!! :)
    U made the scarf?? Killer!!

  2. Shivali..i love ur hairdo in the first pic...too too cute..! U r soooo beautiful.
    THe scarf is awesome, but u make it look divine...! Have been to Pune so many times, but i never heard about MAstani..nxt time, i m surely trying it.
    n again..m happy u r doing posts frequesntly. keep up the pace, coz i luv ur space.

    1. Thanx babe... I love styling my hair.
      You must must must have MASTANi. Its just YUM...
      And I love that you love my space...

  3. I want to eat you up in the third picture. You look so cute.
    Just 2 days back I was thinking that I should ask you to post your crochet stuff you did in Japan and here you are :D
    Hope I learn to knit someday!!

    1. Thanx gal... Knit is actually simple. Only problem for me is the that I keep forgetting the count of stitches. Coz of that it becomes a time consuming activity.


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