Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Flyaway got Cross Stitched

I had bought this Bare Denim pullover in 2009 and haven't wore it even once. Some how I am not comfortable in pullover. So this pullover too got restyled and became a Flyaway. Flyaway is a cardigan without buttons or zippers.
And I also added a cross stitch pattern at the back. The pattern is of a Japanese doll, Ningyo.


  1. OMG ..this is so cute..looks like..u still havent recovered frm ur japanese hangover..if this is the result of a hangover..u better hold on to it. I also loved the japanese doll that u have placed on the shelf of a wall..n abt i even have to say anything..?
    (touch wood)

    1. I guess I will never recover from my 'Japan Hangover'... I never wish too.
      And about you... you are a sweet heart.

  2. This looks so awesome Shivali. The Japanese doll has come out so beautifully. It has a beautiful finesse. You look so cute in the picture where you are pointing towards your back ;)

    P.S I wish you and me were in the same part of the world. My Life (wardrobe :P) would have been so much better!!

  3. Thanx Renu...
    I wish we would had utilized the time we had during our college days.
    Anyway, lets hope we meet soon and enrich each others lives.... Lol


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