Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Till date I was really not sure about the difference between a Shrug and a Bolero. But after a bit of research I was enlightened that a shrug is a garment that covers the upper back and shoulders only and it may or may not have sleeves. And a Bolero is a short jacket which ends just under the breast line or maybe a little longer.

Well that means my earlier DIY posts were all Boleros and not shrugs. Anyway, since I realized my mistake I have made the necessary changes and updated those posts.  HEREHERE and HERE.

Anyway, so we have restyled our pullover and knit top to be a Bolero. Now lets see how I have converted a dress into a Bolero.

I had bought this dress from Uniqlo, Tokyo, Japan. As usual I do not have any snaps of the dress. So here comes the pictorial illustration.



The best part of this conversion was that there was no need of hemming as the material doesn't fray at the edge.

If you wish to know the step by step conversion process then mail me at


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