Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hues of Yellow and Orange

COLORS OF SUN... I love to click sunrises and sunsets. The beautiful hues of yellow and orange makes me feel so good and lively. Actually brightens up my mood.

Few of my clicks...

Please excuse the wires...

Went shopping last week end and I found hues yellow and orange hanging there in the display. And I bought them.
My Very Own Sunshine


  1. Awesome post..loved ur photography, n loved the a post on how u styled those earrings.

  2. Gosh I so love the pictures. Especially the first one. It's way too beautiful. Blow it up and frame it lady.
    Next time when I am in India I know who is going to click my outfit post's pictures ;)

    1. Thanx Renu... And I would love to click your outfit pics.


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