Friday, December 14, 2012

Mixing Prints

I had vowed that I won't crib (crib = complain {Indian English}) on my blog no matter what. If I do not have anything nice to say then I won't say. Because I truly believe the habit of cribbing is contagious. It catches very fast and can travel miles. Its spreads through speech. How to safe guard yourself??? Well avoid people who are irritating, pompous, selfish, and bloated due to shallowness and pride. They instigate the need to crib. And also avoid people who crib incessantly. 
Does that mean that I don't crib at all. Ahh.. I wish I was that blessed. All my cribbing sessions are reserved for the special people (they are immune to this habit) in my life. Who listen to me, correct me and decontaminate me. Thanks guys, you know who you are. 
Anyways, today I am going to make an exception and crib a bit. And about who... the Monginis cake shop people. And why...cause they have played a nasty game with my sweet craving taste buds. Yesterday I saw Monginis Plum cake in a grocery store and I immediately bought it. I took a bite and I could eat no more. I mean come on, if I want to eat crap like this I will bake it myself. Only thing drier than that plum cake will be saw dust. And the amazing part was that in some sections the cake was all doughy. Heaven knows what was that cake like thing. 
All I want to say is think twice before investing in Monginis' so called Plum Cake.

Today I have an outfit post for you all.
 This is supposedly the latest fashion trend - Print on print. This combination (POLKA DOTS + STRIPES + CHEVRON) has been donned by me on plenty of occasions this year. I don't know how can it be latest... Anyway I wore it again while going for shopping. 

Pictures are blurred thanks to my spazzed camera.  
The lights have played their game too. 
No I am not complaining... My happy with the outcome.

These ones are taken in a dimly lit room..
Before Shopping.

These ones were taken in too brightly lit room...
After Shopping... I look calm and happy because I hadn't eaten the cake till then...


  1. hey..i like the look, but more so the white tiger soft toy on your sofa. I want it right away..! and as far as monginis is concerned, i never buy monginis stuff frm shops other than official monginis outlets....i had heard that there are vendors, who sell cheaper stuff using monginis's name..this news is not confirmed..but i still take my preacutions, and have never been dissatisfied.

    1. Thanx Aditi...
      I am going to buy plum cake again but this time from Mongini's shop only. Lets see how it turns out to be. I will surely write about it...

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog! I really like the way you write, too. And I LOVE what the message of this post is....and I learned I new word, thanks to you!

  3. You look stunning Shivali. Love the kohled eyes.
    May you get more people to whom you can crib and less of the pompous, irritating category :P


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