Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tried-Tested-Loved : Eye serum

Today's review is of a product by The Body Shop : Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum.

I had purchased this one in Bangalore, India. The eye serum is from TheBodyShop's Japanese Formula series. After returning from Japan, everything which has something to do with Japan gets my unbiased favor... Heehee. Anyway, I have got this horrible dark circles who are completely in love with my eyes and hence refuse to leave them alone. And hence the purchase.

The product comes in a tiny bottle and is a bit expensive. At first I thought it will be over within 10 applications. But I was proved wrong. Two small dots of the serum is required and suffices for both the eyes. I generally use this at night, before going to bed. I used it religiously when I was in Bangalore as I had to attend my cousins wedding and I surely didn't wish to look like a zombie. Am still not sure about its claim of reducing dark circles as my sleeping habits are mighty erratic. But it has surely made the skin surrounding my eyes, soft and hydrated. My mom swears by the old coconut oil thing for reducing  dark circles and wrinkles. But after a week of this coconut oil therapy I started getting milia on my lower eyelids. So I immediately stopped using the coconut oil. From that time on I haven't used any serum or oil. The milia issue has been tackled.
Since I am writing this post I feel like committing to the eye serum regime again. I will also try to get in the bed by 10 PM. And get my 7 hour sleep. After 4 weeks I will post how the Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum worked.

Price: Rs.1495/-
P.S. I haven't written about the product's ingredients and its claimed magical powers. People please do  visit your near by THE BODY SHOP store. There are ample products to check out from. Right from toiletries to make-up to fragrances. They even have nice gift kits and boxes. Real saviour while gifting your girlfriends. Sales people at the store guide really well to choose products which are meant for your age group as well as your skin type. 


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    1. Its more than 4 weeks and I haven't applied the serum more than three times. Ahhh.. why can't I and routines/regimes stick together for longer durations....


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