Thursday, October 25, 2012


The market place was blazing orange yesterday... MARIGOLDS every where. Lovely color and nice pungent fragrance. Wasn't able to resist and so got them home. Along with them came squirm of worms. Well these ones were simpletons as compared to the one who had visited my home few days back. Anyways this post is not about worms but the beautiful Marigolds. So without much ado here are the snaps.

Aren't the folds pretty? 
Rich burst of color.

Hey, did you know that the APTA tree leaves , exchanged as a dussera custom, have medicinal properties. They are excellent cure for diarrhoea and dysentry. Apart from this, they possess anti-tumor  qualities and hence helpful for curing cancer in its first stage. 
I have decided that from next year onwards I am not going to participate in this leaf exchanging custom of dussera. If nature has gifted us such wonderful trees then its really stupid of us to strip it naked every year for some idiotic custom. I have also decided that from next year I am not going to decorate my house with these Marigolds. I am still flinging worms out of my window.

I hope all those who do celebrate this festival had fun. 


  1. Totally agree with you about the folds. They look all festive and beautiful.

    1. Just imagine these folds on a dress... It will be an awesome hem.

  2. hey nice post...nice clicks!
    I'm also totally against plucking of flowers and leaves for religious customs, where v r not even using them as food or medicines...

    1. Thanx Shreeja... Am glad that we share this point of view.


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