Friday, October 26, 2012

D.I.Y. : Revitalizing your sneakers

Visit to Pathershet ruined my Reebok sneakers completely. I tried washing the mud stains off. But the damage was done. What did I do? I did this...

Wiped the sneakers clean. Well as much as I could...
Chose shades of blue and started to paint. 

TIP: Before starting with your painting job do remove the laces so that you can have uninterrupted area to color. Other advantage is that you won't stain the laces while coloring the sneakers.  

I have used Camel company's Artists' Acrylic Colours. These acrylic colors dry really fast. On top of the paints (after they dried) I have added two coats of Camel company's Picture Varnish. Its meant for oil paints but I use them on acrylic paints too. 


I used satin ribbons instead of old laces. The ribbons' ends have been heat-sealed to stop them from fraying. Did you notice how the colors of the sneaker change because of the different ribbons used.


  1. This is seriously good stuff..! Y God y..?
    I had such talented frens since college..n i learn it now..!

    1. :-D Oh Aditi... Am really flattered and blushing red... Thank you so much.


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