Tuesday, October 9, 2012

D.I.Y. : Turning knit top into Bolero

I LOOOOOOVE Shrugs and Boleros. They give perfect layering to my outfits. They also help me to hide my nice healthy arms. And of course its a good option during fall.
I have turned plenty of my tops into shrugs and Boleros. I will be posting about it soon. But now being fall season, what better option than having some DIY knit/sweater shrugs?Boleros as posts, right?
I had bought this green knit top from Globus in 2009. Wore it like crazy when I was residing in Japan. One Thing I really appreciate about Globus is that they use good quality fabrics. The fabrics are soft yet sturdy ones. Even after three years of use my knit top's color haven't faded even a bit and not a bobble has shown up.
Anyway, lets check how to restyle your old knit top...

Cut the front vertically as shown in the picture below. If you are not confident about your scissor-use then draw guidelines with help of tailor's chalk. 

Decide the length of your Bolero and accordingly cut the entire lower half of the knit top. While cutting do keep in mind to add 1 and half inch more to the length you desire. This 1 and half inch is required for sewing the hem. 

Hand stitch the hem of your knit top before taking it to the sewing machine. 

I had taken out the buttons before machine-stitching the Bolero. Since knit wear can easily expand, I stitched a portion at the front and added two buttons on top. This detail gives it a button down look but in actual I have to wear it like a pullover.
Wow... so from now on I will call it THE GREEN PULLOVER BOLERO

I generally wear this one with my racerback tank tops and capris or with LBD's. 


  1. OMG this is so perfect Shivali. The colour, fit everything!! Love it. And this DIY looks easy too :)


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