Thursday, October 25, 2012

D.I.Y. Dress: An old skirt and an old tee

Just a few days ago I went through my and my sister's old clothes so that I could find something that can be restyled. My floral skirt and my sister's floral t'shirt caught my attention. And look I found a new way to wear them together.

This earlier was a fish cut, below knee-length skirt with a nice frill as hem. Then I cut it to be a nice above knee-length skirt
This was a 3/4th sleeved tee. I shortened the length of the sleeves and didn't bother to stitch its ends as the fabric doesn't fray.

The length of the upper fabric of the skirt has been kept shorter so that layer effect can be achieved. I used the zigzag stitch to sew the ends of the inner fabric. This gave it a nice ruffled hemline. The upper fabric had to be hand stitched as it refused to get sewn by the machine due to its rubber floral prints.

Basted the tee 
 Stitched the skirt and the tee together with help of a elastic thread. The elastic thread is to be hand wound on the bobbin. While winding it up do not stretch the elastic thread.  Regular thread is to used for top stitch. Elastic threads allow the dress to be pulled on and off pretty easily. 


  1. Mind blowing Shivali..u have to come home..n restyle my old clothes.U rock!

    1. Thanx Aditi... for the compliment and the invitation. :D

  2. After looking at the last picture I can't even believe they were two separate pieces. You are a genius Shivali.


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