Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY : Small Storage Boxes

Hey Guys, 
Today's DIY is one of my favorite as its cute and very useful. 
I love to collect jewelry. But over the years storing these lovelies has become one issue. Not any more. 
Few years back I had learned how to make origami boxes. Now I have started using these boxes for storing my jewelry. These boxes are so simple to make that I made at least a dozen of them. Look how I use them.

My latest obsession - Falero.

I have joined four origami boxes together with help of cloth-sticky-tape. 

Added felt squares at the base.

You can also use them to keep your keys or stacking visiting-cards.

Want to know how to make these boxes???
Check out this You Tube video:


  1. this is so useful and even looks good:)

  2. what a great DIY! Very practical and it looks so beautiful! I also have a obsession with jewerly, so I might try it. I actually got as a present a few times boxes for jewerly (my friends know me so well) but I always need more!

    1. Thanx Ivana...
      I totally agree... We gals will never have enough boxes and enough jewelry...
      : )

  3. Oh these are cute! I need to make some because my jewelry drawer is already overflowing with necklaces, etc. and I need to organize it. :)

    1. Organizing neck pieces is a big task. I get all riled up when they tangle with each other.

      I am sure these cute boxes will come to your aid too.

  4. very easy and useful thing! have similar at home! nice post

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    have a blessed day!

  5. Practical idea :)

    You have such a nice blog! I am following you now and would be so happy if you could follow me back :)

    Have a nice day!


  6. Following you on GFC, waiting for you!


  7. Beautiful boxes I am half Japanese and I love origami, my father is very good at making the crane. I am following you on GFC, I hope you will follow me back.

  8. aw this is such a cute and smart idea!
    I love it. Thanks for sharing hun xx

  9. Wow sucha useful idea dear...thanks for inspiring. You have a cute blog dear :)

    Hey your new follower here :)
    Come visit us sometime!

    1. Here's another storage box idea, using only a shoebox and a few little cereal boxes. First, cut the cereal boxes horizontally, the same height as your shoe box. Then, fill the spaces of the shoe box with cereal boxes, so it'll look like mini compartments. Finally, cover the shoe box and cereal boxes with either fabric or wrappers of your choosing. You can put these on your desk, drawer or cabinet. This is another unique DIY storage box that you have. I hope you learn something. :)

    2. Thanx for the idea... Will surely try it.
      : )

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