Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tried-Tested-Loved 2

Today I am going to review some of the COLOR BAR products. I am not that much into cosmetics as my make up skills are very basic. At any given point of time I used to have only two lipsticks and one compact powder.  

Anyway it had been a real long time since I bought any cosmetics and I decided to try COLOR BAR.
All I can say is that I made one good decision by opting for COLOR BAR products. 


The compact is awesome. It beautifully blends with your natural color of skin. It gave my skin a nice glow-y matt finish. Stays on the skin for a long time. I sweat like a pig so most of the powder is lost in 30 minutes time. But this one stayed. YAY!!! You don't need to apply much. Its coverage is nice. The applicator is very soft unlike other brands. 
Price: INR 650/-
Tone: Classic Ivory 001


This product is AWESOME.. Since its water resistant it stays on for a long duration. This mousse foundation is so good that you don't need to add any powder after applying it. Its velvety and very light.

Price: INR 650/-
Tone: Frappuccino 001

 To tell you the truth, I bought this lipstick coz I wanted this shade of red. 
It turned out to be good. It stays on for a good amount of time. Coverage is even. 
And it contains SPF 15 too

Price: INR 450/-
Shade: Red Heart 036

What I loved about this product is that it comes in a jumbo crayon form. Its amazingly simple and fun to use therefore. It stays on for a real long time. LOnger than the lipstick. 
It comes with a sharpener, so no issues at all. 
I simply love this shade. You can wear it on any occasion. I have tried this particular shade in LAKME but COLOR BAR's pencil lip color is better.

Shade: Flirtatious Pink 002
Price: INR 699/-

Only problem is that its bit pricey as compared to the quantity. But the end result is worth the price.

COLOR BAR has some nice nail enamels too. People who have nice long nails and love going wild with colors, you must check COLOR BAR's range.


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