Monday, September 24, 2012


This is my second year in Pune. Last year this time I was struggling with getting my furniture and home in place. So the Ganpati celebrations had taken a back seat. But this year I and hubby dear (Sachin) thought of celebrating the festival in our own small way. No, we didnt have Ganpati idol at our home. We dont believe in the Visarjan part of the Ganpati festival. Anyway, I tried making Ukadiche Modak. It was Sachin's idea and so he willing took up the position of sous-chef. I am not that good cook and I can cook only few things well. Still I was trying to show off my limited culinary skills in front of Sachin and in my over smartness I over cooked the filling. Other wise the Modaks were good enough. And I could only make two of them look like modak others were shaped like balls. Any hoo... Sachin and I binged on them ceremoniously.
The recipe I followed was this :


The outcome was this :

Steaming Modaks in Idli maker

Since its festival time I daily dress up for the evening Ganpati puja. What I love about the Indian traditional wear is the way it can be accessorized and made to be looked even more beautiful. Lately I have realized the importance of owning artificial jewelry, thanx to my sister MONA. Trust me fashion jewelry just changes the way you look - traditional or western. I am posting my latest obsession in the jewelry department.

This neck piece has become my favorite b'coz it looks great with salwar kameez, kurta/kurti+denims, kurta/kurti+skirts and also some dresses.

 I am teaming up this neck piece with these other pieces of jewelry...

Gift - cousin sis


  1. The modaks look fab for a first-timer! And I love love love the necklace. I want it too :(

  2. heyyy loved those accessories.. really trendy as well as ethnic...


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