Tuesday, September 4, 2012

D.I.Y. Project Shoe: No.1

Hi, this one is my very first D.I.Y. Project in the shoes category. I have ventured a lot in the clothes category before. Shoes was something I wished to try from a very long time but wasn't actually sure how to or what to change. Well one fine day an idea struck and things fell into place. Bought some paints and I started off. The results are as follows:


I took my old pair of gladiators and add few beads on the front straps. The ones near the ankle were there from start. After adding the beads, I drew Chevron print on the gladiators with help of an all-surface pen.  

I love Chevron prints and they are mighty simple to draw too. I preferred to draw first rather than directly start off with the painting part. Just for some confidence.  

I have used Camel company's Artists' Acrylic Colours. The best part of these paints are that they dry off real fast. So I didn't have to wait for more than 20 minutes to add a layer of varnish. I have used Camel company's Picture Varnish. Its for oil paintings but I use it on acrylic too. Works just fine for me. I have added two layers of varnish on these pair of shoes. 

They just look fab and with all the colours on them they look great with many outfits.  



  1. Nice :)
    to get inspired for more DIY projects...i would like to suggest you

  2. OMG! Finally the girl with the midas touch shows her magic. Was waiting for a DIY from you like since forever. What lovely sandals ya. Wish we stayed nearby :( You have done an awesome job with the sandals Shivali :)

  3. Brilliant, I say


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