Friday, February 28, 2014

Second Home...Sweet Home..

Hello People,
Hope you all are doing GREAT...

Well today's blog post is a bit different than our usual ones. Its a sponsored post for Aarush Constructions' AMBER LILY : Second Homes /Weekend Homes/ Farm House.

How wonderful it would be to have a home cuddled amongst 29 acres of lush greenery and yet having all the modern amenities at your disposal. Well Aarush Constructions is providing this luxurious and convenient option to you... Amber Lily Twin Bungalows.
Won't it be fun having your relatives or friends as your neighbors and at the same time enjoying the privacy of your own Villa. Plus 24 hours security, swimming pool, club house, gym and joggers' park. And imagine all these perks in a Budget Price.... Cant believe it.. but its true.
Check out the picture below for more details.


  1. Nice.


  2. Always love exploring these new constructions :)


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