Saturday, July 6, 2013


I have almost 6 to 7 Back Packs dumped in my storage cupboard. And none of them were being used. And why aren't they getting used??? Coz they have company logos embroidered/printed on them and I hate to use such back packs. I don't know why people gift back-packs. Anyway, for more than a year I was successful in ignoring this pile.   

But thanks to the ever increasing list of things I daily need to carry to the college, I desperately required something big, comfy and easy to carry. What else will fit the role perfectly than back packs. So after finding the best among the lot available at home I started with my DIY project. 

*First step of this DIY is to get the logos off. If the company name and logo is embroidered then get it off. After taking the threads away you might see tiny holes on the fabric. try washing that area and pray that the fabric shrinks a bit and the holes vanish. If that doesn't help then you can sew buttons in that area to hide the holes.
If the logos are painted then you needn't worry. Apply some dark color as base and then get your design on it. 
This one had the company name and logo embroidered on it. Getting the embroidery off is a tedious task. Try using bent-nose-scissors for such purposes. 

*Second step is finding the right design. 
For beginners: Choose less intricate designs. This way painting part would be easier.  
In my case :
I was able to remove only the name of the company, the logo was really stubborn. Hence I had to build my design around it. Initially I wanted to use giraffe print and nothing floral. But thanks to the logo, my design already had the floral touch. So after many permutations and combinations my final design was a  mixture of giraffe and flowers. 

*Third step is getting the design on the material. There are many ways you can do so. I drew my design directly by using the all-surface-pen. 
The other ways are: 
-By using yellow/white carbon paper. These are available in few stationery shops.  You can use these colored carbon papers on fabrics too. 
-Some use chalk powder+kerosene method.
-You can also use stencils...
I know these many methods only. If you know any other do let me know. I would love to try them.

*Lastly painting your design: I have used Acrylic Colors and after letting them dry, I have applied two coats of Varnish.
This is how my back pack now looks... 


  1. OMG..u r a genius..shivali..!
    the backpack is too cute..!
    n i love u in that skirt..u seemed to have lost oodles of wt..i need urgent help..m piling mine on generously.


  2. Wow, you did such a great job! I too have an accumulation of logo-filled bags and they look ugly. This DIY is brilliant!


  3. Another amazing DIY! And hahahaha for the combination of giraffe and flower. I found that sentence really funny!
    And babes, you look super gorgeous in the mini skirt and the flower print top. Please do more outfit posts!

  4. awesome DIY, my laptop bag is so boring I would love to do something funky to it, thanks for sharing

    1. Am glad you liked it...
      : )
      Thanx for the stopping by Shikha...


  5. Hello dear! Nice blog. I find you post very interesting)

    Lets follow each other on GFC?



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