Monday, June 10, 2013

After A LONG Break

Yup.. I am back. And it feels lovely to be back. 
This interval was unintentional and wonderful for me. So many things have happened and am gonna tell you all of them...naaa...few important ones.

To begin with... I AM A FASHION STUDENT NOW... It was my dream to be in the fashion industry and am so so so glad that I have taken the first step into this dream which now is a reality. YAYYYY... every time I tell this info to people and my heart skips a beat and does a small dance...Literally. 
Just had a repeat telecast. 
There are so many things to know, learn and understand. Not only related to clothes but also in drawing and painting. This two hours a day thing has changed my life in the BEST WAY. And all the credit goes to my Brother-in-law (my sister's hubby) and my friend Renu. The best gift my BIL gave me on Woman's Day was a speech/advice of getting into Fashion industry and convinced me throughly so that I had no doubts left. He reinstated my believe in myself and my talents. And the best guidance given by Renu has helped me choose the right options and take the right decisions at right time. Thanks a ton both of you. 

I have decided to share with you my favorite, my artworks during my term as a fashion student. Hope you will enjoy watching them like the way I enjoyed making them.

The one for today's blog post is

Second update, I purchased four pair of footwear, ONLINE, last week. Yeah its big deal for me since I  never had trust in online shopping websites. I had shopped online once and the quality of the products was so pathetic that I made a rule: never to go for online shopping again. But tempted me to break my rule and am glad that I did. The quality is awesome. The products are original and not duplicates. The delivery service is great. The packaging in good. What else a girl wants.

Sharing with you the pictures of my lovelies.





One more good thing about is the feature 'ScrapBook'. This website was introduced to me by Aditi from So-Saree . Thanx a ton for that Aditi.
In ScrapBook, one can create 'looks' with the products available on the website and you can share it with your friends on Face Book. I love scarpbooking as its a great help for my Fashion Design course. If you wish to check my ScrapBook CLICK HERE

Third one, Bought a new sewing machine. FINALLY. I had bought one in Japan but it exploded, literally, the moment I used it in India. I hate the current conversion thing. After two years of stitching every thing by hand past one month feels like heaven. Almost all my garment related DIY's on the blog are hand stitched.
The good thing about the arrival of the new sewing machine is that now there are 'n' number of DIY's waiting to come on the blog. I just hope I get time to post them frequently enough. 

LASTLY, I got a new haircut. It was supposed to be something else but it turned out like this. Initially I wasn't happy but now I am simply loving this new look.

Haircut by Mom. 

 These were the important updates that I wanted to share with you all...well important as per me. 
Hoping that I will post something soon...catch you then.


  1. Thank God..U r back..i missed you so much.
    I loved ur haircut..u never looked so better.
    i love the footwear u bought frm Limeroad. They look awesome on ur feet.


  2. Wow! A lot of things have happened! Good to see you back, and that too looking so gorgeous! :) Love the haircut.
    And congrats on being a fashion student. Where are you taking the course from?

    1. Hey Rosh Thanx...
      Doing the course from INIFD, Pune.

  3. Perfect loafers! Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

    1. Thank you Darina for the visit, will surely get back to you.

  4. fashion student is indeed the right decision u took.. your work is indeed impressive, congrats :)

  5. That hair cut is super awesome! And 100 likes for that gladiator :)

    Bong's Belleza

  6. Second is the best for me ; DD

    I follow you via GFC.
    You would made my day if you follow me back <3
    Have a nice day xoxo

    1. Thanx Agata, will surely visit you blog soon.

  7. Great hair cut!

    Lets follow each others blogs on GFC and BLOGLOVIN? Let me know!

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  9. How about if your online shopping for men’s shirts could get you a brand new IPhone XS.??

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