Friday, July 6, 2012


Made a chocolate sponge cake today. And trust me it tasted horrible. It looked good but it lacked sweetness and I think I added to much cocoa powder in the batter which made it bitter too. Anyways I blew up my oven while pre-heating it. So I had to bake the cake in pressure cooker. It turned out to be good and easy method. Takes a bit longer time to get done though.

Pressure cooker method:
1) Take a pressure cooker. And put the base plate in. Don't pour any water.
2) On the base plate place an empty vessel. I had put one of the cooker's container and I baked the cake in one of the other container. Okay, then I placed the filled container on the top of the empty one.
3) Now close the cooker's lid and DO NOT put the whistle on it.
4) Bake the cake on a medium low flame for 40 minutes.
5) After 40 minutes remove the lid and poke a knife in the cake. If it comes out clean then TADAAAA the cake is done. And if not then bake it a bit longer say 5 minutes approximately. Repeat the knife procedure again.

I am not posting the cake's recipe for obvious reasons. Hope to make a tasty one next time. If you have a the perfect Eggless cake recipe please do send it to me on

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